»»Turn Away From Your Shadow

Turn Away From Your Shadow

Oy. In the spirit of the feminist movement, but the lyrics … And the singing contains a fair amount of shrieking and some off-pitch harmony as well. But I had to include this because I love the arrangement (we should have performed this with 4 Tops choreography) and the Ventures like guitar break. Would love to re-record this some day. Of course, there are large portions of my life I feel that way about (see, i.e., my play Nomad).

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Turn Away From Your Shadow

Seems like sooner or later you’re gonna have to decide
Whether you want to just wait here ‘til he comes
And makes you his bride
Can you really be sure now that you’ll be fulfilled as his wife
Can’t you see what’s in store now
It is more now than only your life
I just want to remind you
There is another woman behind you
Expecting to find you leading her on
Your kids’ convictions must break the restrictions
To which you’ve already succumbed
Turn away from your shadow and live you life
As a woman

Seems like when you are troubled and you’ve got some sorrows to drown
You run to your man on the double just to tell him what’s bringing you down
But sooner or later he’ll burn you and tell you you must sink or swim
Who are you going to turn to when your trouble
Is all about him
I just get the impression
Once you have let him become an obsession
Your need for his comfort becomes your oppression
Tom, Dick or Harry he’s just temporary
It’s you who will have to go on
Turn away from your shadow and live your life
As a woman

No more sweet, cute and charming. No more swallowing words
Let him find you alarming, it is time now you made yourself heard
Well, maybe your voice is unsteady and maybe you’re groping around
But soon enough you’ll be ready to throw down your princess’ crown
And live your life as a woman
If you feel your life needs improving
You’ve got to start moving
Live like a woman
Once you have started you won’t be downhearted
Begin and the work will be done
Turn away from your shadow and live your life
As a woman.