»»There Ain’t No Sun

There Ain’t No Sun

Not sure why or when this song was written. The lyrics tell me it was about Carolyn. And they contain the unfortunately (at the time) omnipresent groovy/movie rhyme. But there are some nice phrases and it’s fun to sing and play (or at least it was when I could sing and play). When I recorded it I used the word “charity” in the last verse but clarity, which is what I’ve changed it to, is better.

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There Ain’t No Sun

There ain’t no sun, there ain’t no shadow

Can’t help but feeling there are people looking at you

Not long ago it seemed so groovy

They weren’t there it was like walking through a movie

And in the emptiness behind you

I run just to keep up, I don’t know if I’ll find you

You don’t look back, you never play now

I guess you know I’m never gonna stray now

And your daddy’s afraid now

I’m just amazed we’ve hung together

A few old habits and some memories strung together

We both hoped it would never end

Whatever it was, it was nothing to defend

If you don’t learn to bend where will you spend your life

Sure I got problems that come about

I’d appreciate it if you’d help me out

Just remember when you come to my aid

Do it from your heart, the pipe is played

Live for today you say, go out and do it

Today’s okay you say but is there a future to it

The maps and plans that I made now

It seems like they’ve all be mislaid somehow

And your daddy’s afraid now

You said that you were lost, well now I’ve found you

Me a doctor seeking clarity from the emptiness around you

I must admit it’s been a strange year

And I’m afraid I have no more ideas

On how to get out of here

There ain’t no sun, there ain’t no shadow…