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Sweet Flo

Flo is Cheryl Kanner, for whom Jennie’s Song was written. Since we never had any kind of romantic link it’s interesting that I wrote her two songs. I don’t think I ever played this for her, or for anyone else for that matter. I wasn’t really happy with it. But Elliot made it a lot more listenable. The instrumental riff between verses is taken from some melody of Mussorgsky I’m fairly certain, but I have no idea what it is.

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Sweet Flo

Every muggy Monday might be much too much to make

The rain it droops and oozes, I’d feel more relaxed in torrents

Everybody’s waiting for that one big cloud to break

Save one iconoclast who waits for Florence

And if patience be a virtue then it’s patience I forgive with

For I know that what can’t  hurt you is impossible to live with

And everybody’s making like they know

(cho)   Sweet Flo, it’s so

Any second now she will let go

And I’m waiting ‘cause they tell me

She’s too young to really know

But I know Sweet Flo will grow

Me I sit here wondering about her appetite

Finding Django Reinhardt or a poem by D.H. Lawrence

Only when she’s hungry does she offer you a bite

And you can’t refuse an offering from Florence

And if giving is a virtue she is happy to comply

I buy it ‘cause she says it as she winks a weary eye

And no one’s quite so sure now if they know


Everybody’s giving up and wanting to go home

Hoping it will rain so hard they’ll have no say about it

Florence wonders if the rain has meter like a poem

And if not how it falls so well without it

And if insight is a virtue then the skies will certainly clear up

Then comes the dry and lingering night that nobody will cheer up

And no one now would dare to say they know