»»On Looking Back

On Looking Back

No recollection of where this came from, just that it was in the period I was seeing Rosalind, the late 70s, and it reflected the kinds of things we talked about. Another song rescued by an Elliot arrangement.

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On Looking Back

Long, foggy trails

Are now clear to me

Like they ought to be

Unbillowed sails

Finally catch the breeze

Of my memories

The road that I ran, sir

Left me out of breath

Took me out of range

If this is the answer

Then the question

Must be very strange

(cho) Every time that I strayed

From the paths and plans I’d so carefully made

Every cause I betrayed

Every doubt I thought about and never raised

Every mind I have swayed

And the artful way that every lie was phrased

Every song I ever played

Every time that I look back

I am amazed

I can explain

Every fear I have

Quite effectively

It’s too bad that pain’s

Not experienced


I played each psycho‑drama

By thinking

How I should be feeling then

Now I embrace the trauma

Of knowing

I’ll never feel that way again


I hesitate

And my life goes on

And the moment’s gone

So I’ll celebrate

The unbidden tears

That brought me here

Sweet is the remembrance

Of struggling

And finally getting clear

Grant me the indulgence

Of wond’ring

How I ever made it here