»»Oh Josephine

Oh Josephine

Josephine was Sara Orenstein, a very pretty, bright and talented girl I met at The Rail in the late ’60s. We hung out together, went to concerts and movies, but despite my best efforts (reflected in the lyrics) I could never get her interested in me. We reconnected years later and have continued to be close friends.



Oh Josephine

Oh, Josephine

I think you mean

That you want to stay

And if it’s so

I think you’ll go

You like to act that way

(With me, you like to act that way)

I’m doing what you said

Waiting ‘til your head

Will let you go to bed

Instead of waiting up endlessly

That’s your father’s scene

Can’t you go to sleep, Josephine

Oh, Josephine

What’s in your dream

That you don’t want to see

What is its name

Are you ashamed

To say as much to me

(I think I know what it might be)

I’m doing like you asked

Waiting with a mask

It’s a simple task

But lasts only until you can see

That’s your mother’s scene

Can’t you go to sleep, Josephine

Oh, Josephine

Come on, come clean

You know you want to cry

Start with a smile

Think for a while

And give it one more try

(For me, just give it one more try)

I’m doing what I can

But don’t you understand

I’m not the kind of man

Who’ll let you try to hide what you see

That’s your sister’s scene

Can’t you go to sleep, Josephine.