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Mind Over Matter

My relationship with Carolyn had a cyclical component that mimicked in micro form my general experience of relationships. I was quite taken while writing this with exploiting that image, and with the notion that there was a cerebral path to liberating myself from the circularity of it all. I’ve learned better since.



Mind Over Matter

If I sing my song for her right now

Chances are good that she will never hear it

But I find I’m singing it anyhow

As if it could revive my broken spirit

I must admit I’m lost completely

As once more I read these lyrics through

And they stare back at me and ask discreetly

Who’s writing who

I have loved before and lost, of course

I guess the lesson didn’t last too long

As in the wake of that mistake

I probably wrote this very song

(Cho) I remember this place

And the times that we sat here

Each of us trying to keep what we had here

And still be free

It was just a case

Of mind over matter

And if she don’t mind

It won’t matter much to me

I’ve often claimed to be without blame

Ain’t it a shame that claim I can’t live up to

Repressed frustrations and self‑disdain

These in the main are what I plain give up to

Don’t wake me, mother

This dream is so very deep

And it’s easy to be honest

When you’re fast asleep

This dream I’m dreaming

Is nearly at an end

Just want to see if it takes me

Back to the spot where I began


I guess the truth has eluded me

What’s left I see gets lost in the confusion

The past is camouflaged cleverly

In the debris of my worn out illusions

And though it seems so senseless

To continue in this same old way

So defensive that I am defenseless

Come what may

When love comes again I won’t refuse it

Lest I lose the chance to make amends

Stumbling through, just making do

Until I realize where I am