»»Letting Go

Letting Go

If ever anything I wrote speaks for itself, it’s this song, both in the lyrics and the sadness. When Rosalind and I parted, it took me a long time to let go. And I don’t think I ever entirely did.


Letting Go

It seems like ages since we strolled over these stones
Along the dusty roads that roam around my home
Since we opened up as lovers to discover one another
Seems funny now to walk here all alone
All alone
I keep thinking of the things I didn’t say
Of that special phrase that would have made her stay
I’ll put it in a song to show the reason she was wrong to go
And sing it for her when we meet some day
If we meet some day
Letting go, it’s the hardest thing I know
When memory and fantasy can comfort me so
She is gone and yet on and on I go
Lost in sweet illusion though I know
I’m holding on to this feeling of letting go

I keep thinking of the future that we planned
And of the feeling of her skin under my hand
The unlikely twist of circumstance that gave us both a second chance
To face the things we could not understand
Would not understand
For they tell us that true love must run its course
But underneath the burned out bridge we never crossed
She thought that I felt different from the feelings that I thought she meant
In each translation something must be lost
Someone must be lost

Well, I guess I learned my lesson from the start
You don’t chance the risky bearing of your heart
And no matter what your luck you’re not to tamper with the structure
Of the distances that keep us all apart
Keep us apart
It seems like ages since we walked here, even so
It’s like déjà vu, I’ve nothing new to show
It’s time to start relying on these feelings I’m denying
The trick is taking everything you know
And letting go