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Just Like Morning

For a while I was obsessed with a three chord progression starting with E and moving it up two frets to a kind of open F#minor and then two more frets to an open G#minor. There are a number of songs on here that use that. It was my version of Richie Havens’ sound (although I’m pretty sure he used open tuning). This song is definitely about someone, and it’s certainly consistent with my time with Carolyn. But I have this nagging recollection that I wrote it before I met her. Oh well…

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Just Like Morning

It was just like morning in my mind

As the phantoms danced off in the mist

Having strengthened my will to exist

It was just like a warning from behind

My words bear the burden I speak with my years

My smile caresses the form of your fears

My eyes try and hide a paradox of tears

It was much too much for me to take

And though I cracked under the strain

And vowed not to try it again

It feels just like I’m about to break

So if my memory chimes with the poems you have read

Walk away in my rhymes disregard what I’ve said

It’s glowing soft like embers, only dead

Now I have been seated so

I hear the speech in stereo

A balcony seat to see the show

I guess I’ve nowhere else to go

For me it’s just a minor role

I walk where flowers used to grow

I picked them all so long ago

Not knowing that you’d pick this path to stroll

I hate to hear what I need you to say

Though you’ve borrowed a part of my dream

You must follow your journey upstream

I’m overcome and I must plead you to stay

We got out of our dreams just as they fell behind

Lucky moments pulled off by the currents of time

It was just like morning

In my mind.