»»I’m Losing You

I’m Losing You

Another of my E/F#m/G#m dirges that I wrote during the bumpy years with Carolyn. It’s a perverse phenomenon that singing these rather depressing songs is fun and in some ways elating. Maybe that speaks to how functionally useful they were for expressing my feelings, feelings I was always reluctant to express directly for fear of driving her away. The reverse was probably true.



I’m Losing You

Harmless yesterdays in every pitter-patter

And you don’t move in the raining haze

And it doesn’t seem to matter

You always said that you would paint

Your renaissance in blue

I’m losing you

And there’s nothing you can do

From my circus tent I vowed we’d grow no older

But that was just an empty threat

And the audience grew colder

With a shawl around my shoulders

My harmonies won’t do

I’m losing you

And there’s nothing you can do

As you travel north from here

The roads are rather rough

Me I’ll stick to jungle paths

Ah wilderness enough

Here’s my watch, don’t pawn it

‘til you’ve run out of time

And please don’t write your eulogy

I’ll capture it in rhyme

A restless symphony with no libretto on it

I thought perhaps a hymn for me

Or at least a sonnet

Perhaps you’d like for me to say it

Perhaps it’s overdue

I’m losing you

And there’s nothing you can do.