»»I Just Wanted to Get Inside

I Just Wanted to Get Inside

I met Rita Crosby at a Christmas party in Chappaqua (not sure why I was there).  At the time I was more interested in connecting with the Chappaqua Drama Group than with a woman, but both happened. Rita and I talked quite a bit that night and she invited me for lunch the following day. When I showed up (she did let me inside and she fed me) her receptivity to romance had significantly altered (I later found out her ex-boyfriend had asked her back, maybe because he saw me chatting her up at the party).  And it wasn’t raining.  I later directed a show for CDG, cast her, and during the rehearsals she let me know she was available and interested. That show went on to win numerous awards at a couple of festivals and definitely changed my life. My relationship with the beautiful, incredibly talented Rita, lasted about two years and probably didn’t change my life all that much. But I love this song, one of the last I ever wrote, when I had finally gotten it as a songwriter. And like most of my later songs, it works better when I’m performing it than when one listens to it on recording.



I Just Wanted to Get Inside

Never crossed my mind

That I had read her wrong

Didn’t she ask me, didn’t she tell me

To come along

And so I knocked upon her door

She said, Hey, what did you come here for

And I said…nothing

In fact I hardly tried

I just wanted to get inside

She was looking grim

When she looked at all

I was looking in at her window

Feeling kind of small

She said, Hey, this morning I saw the light

I said, Yeah, but I was thinking about last night

She said, My fault, I took you for a ride

Last night I wanted you inside

Gave her all my views

Told her my life’s tale

It was raining, I was soaking

All to no avail

I said, Hey, how’d we ever get this far

She just smiled as she walked me to my car

She said, Look, I’ll call you

When my fears subside

I said, Sure, opened my door and got inside

Guess you never know

Just what’s gonna be

Still I’d like to get a handle

On what’s up with me

Some folks say it’s just my foolish pride

Or some choice that I make and then let slide

I see you grinnin’

Ain’t no call to be snide

God knows there’s dumber things I’ve tried

When I just wanted to get inside.