»»Give It All You Got

Give It All You Got

Well, this is hard to explain. But I don’t question the muse when she visits, I just whip out the guitar and start singing.  Sinatra’s That’s Life was used as background music to a video montage of football plays at around this time and I always thought this would be good for that as well. James Halpern is singing lead.  I mean, I do agree with everything in the lyrics but…



Give It All You Got

So tired and you’re telling me
You don’t think you can make it anymore
So tired and I’m telling you
That you have no idea what’s left in store
Shouldn’t have to remind you, trailing behind
Lie all the choices that you made
But if it will impel you, just want to tell you
You ain’t the only one afraid

So tired when you think about the top
So just think about the bottom and the reason why you stopped
And you’ll know
It’s time to go

Give it all you got, give it your best shot
Let ‘em know that you know you can take it
Tell ‘em who you are, be a superstar
Let ‘em know that you know you can make it
Don’t know what the future will bring
But it ain’t bringing anything
‘til you give it, give it, give it
Give it all you got.

Got for it, grab the gold
You can’t control what you cannot understand
Go for it, make your stand
And live your life just as long and hard as you can
Everything you’re denying you should be trying
Instead of just crying ‘bout the past
Everything you’re regretting you should be forgetting
And then you’ll be setting out at last

Go for it and forget about your fear
The meaning of the moment and the reason why you’re here
And just know
You’ve got to go


Though you feel you’re writing songs
No one will ever sing along
Just rest assured when you are gone
The music will go on and on
Though you feel you’re sinking fast
Into a sea of senseless tasks
You know what’s ahead of you
And you know what you’ve got to do