»»Faltering Wings

Faltering Wings

Another song whose origin is lost from my memory. I’ve tagged Carolyn since this fits us (my view of us) but I’m reasonably certain I wrote it before I met her. I knew we sang this song in one of my early bands. Ah well.

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Faltering Wings

Soft and gentle and kind of sentimental

That’s how our friendship went till it went the other way

So take it easy, I know you meant to please me

But it only serves to tease me, these games you make me play

Seems like a might bad time to be leaving you

But why pretend that we

Can start the beginning and work through the middle and

Never reach the end, my friend

(cho)   I only ask you to hold on

To whatever comfort it brings

I guess I am finally sold on

Flying home on these faltering wings

From our prison there seemed to be no reason

For sitting out the season in darkness and decay

So we grew older and the atmosphere grew colder

And with your arm around my shoulder, we slowly walked away

But soon your anatomy weighed on me heavily

And it became clear that you

Would naturally, always be set to depend on me

While I was here for you


And as I go now, I find my pace has slowed now

By a tear or two that flows now from my all to bleary eyes

Please believe me that in order to retrieve me

You first must learn to leave me to these lonely, solemn skies

(So please) Don’t think me a renegade just out to denigrate

All we’ve embraced, it’s just

These wings that I’m flying on need some relying on

And some other place to be