This is a twist on the notion that there’s no point in fixing the roof if it isn’t raining, and if it is raining you can’t fix it or you’ll get drenched. I knew I wasn’t handling relationships all that well, and I suspected that I needed to be alone to figure things out, since the problem was almost certainly with me. But before I’d made any real progress, I’d meet someone new and that would be that.




I can’t imagine what they’ve done to the booze

Goes straight to my shoes

Don’t do nothing for my blues

It’s times like these I feel so confused

By the things that I choose to lose or abuse

I’m trying to think what steps did I take

What moves did I make

To make such a dumb mistake

Another woman went for the fake

Or got left in the wake for argument’s sake

I’ve got a problem here is what I think

That should be solved by one more drink

But then I hear a giggle and I see a wink

And don’t you know I’m back again tottering on the brink


I never know when I’ve had enough

I never know enough to call my own bluff

And just when I’m feeling like healing myself

I go and fall in love

You know it still remains a mystery to me

What was it that she

Was thinking that I would be

I wonder why she never could see

I’d need to be free eventually

Free to sit at home and get stoned


Listening for the phone

Free to be completely alone

Until I’ve been shown

The choice is my own

You know I think I’ve heard this tune before

I know the score, and that’s for sure

I’d love to chat with you and tell you more

But I just heard a lovely voice calling at my door


I never know enough to stop the game

I never know how to accept the blame

I’m stuck in time and I am lost in space

Just searching for a pretty face