Another song from my late teens that I pretty much never played for anyone. There was no Diane in my life (in fact, at that time there was no one in my life) so I’m not sure why I used the name.  And this is also another song that my 12-string wrote, I just filled in the lyrics (which sound like they were written by a not particularly precocious teenager). It’s fun to sing and has a key change that I like and Elliot set it to a bossa nova arrangement.





I shall go down to the sea

And dance to the mixed melody

The crash of the breakers will be

My song for Diane

The seashells shall trumpet the sand

While the ocean will strum on the land

And she’ll hear as she gives me her hand

My song for Diane


We’ll see Neptune’s daughter as she rises to water the sky

We’ll ride o’er the beaches on dolphins who’ll teach us to fly


Crossing the desert alone

We’ll come to the steps of her home

While the moan of a solo trombone

Plays my song for Diane


She’ll smile and taunt me her features will haunt me anew

But I’ll know by her teases that the melody pleases her too


I’ll fly down the rain-wrinkled streets

To the memories I left on the beach

While the script in the sand ‘neath my feet

Spells my song for Diane


And sometimes whenever I can

I whistle awhile my song for Diane.