B’shert is a Yiddish term meaning “fate”, or “it was meant to be”, frequently used when boy meets girl. At a time when Robin and I were  going through a rocky stretch, I wrote this song and first sang it for her on Valentine’s Day. She was at the time in a singing duo called B’shert which contributed a little to our difficulties. The song accomplished two perhaps contradictory objectives. First, it allowed me to reclaim the concept, that Robin and I were meant to be as opposed to her and her singing partner; and second, it underscored that I did support and believe in what she was doing artistically. That mutual artistic respect has been the bedrock of our relationship. The second verse is from the teaching of the Baal Shem Tov.




As long as you are here

As long as I am too

As long as there’s a song you need to sing

I will sing with you

As long as sunset’s lit

By the candle’s flame

As long as we rejoice

In each other’s voice

We resonate God’s name

I cannot tell you why

You cannot tell me how

The answer’s in the timeless harmony

Of our eternal now

Of this you can be sure

We’ve sung this song before

We were meant to see that we were meant to be


From every human being

There emanates a light

Rising up to heaven through

Tomorrow’s troubled night

It shines upon the path

We are meant to tread

Lightening the heart so we can finally start

To see what lies ahead

But when two paths converge

And joins two wandering souls

The beam they generate illuminates

A thousand fold

Flooding heaven bright

Revealing in the light

That we are again what we’ve always been