»»Blueberry Muffins and Tea

Blueberry Muffins and Tea

I first met Betsy Ahearn when she auditioned for The Fifth of July which I was directing for Centre Stage in the Bronx. She was very pretty and vivacious but it was her talent that blew me away. I quickly developed a crush on her (I was twice her age, it was kinda silly) which she didn’t reciprocate at all, but she enjoyed my company enough that we hung out a fair amount for awhile, going to shows both locally and in the city. This song is unfair to her insofar as she never flirted with me or in any way led me to believe she was interested in me. But the song worked better with that element so that’s what I wrote. She was known for her predilection for blueberry muffins and tea. I’m reasonably certain I never played this song for her. But on the somewhat infrequent occasions when I perform, I always include this song and it is always the tune people best remember. I think it’s my finest song. Betsy is on the top of my list of people I hope to see once more before I die.



Blueberry Muffins and Tea

Saw her in the parking lot she was walking through the gate

She was sipping tea, and on a paper plate

A blueberry muffin from a health food store upstate

I think that’s all she ever ate

We talked awhile and then I asked her up to tea

She bent her head, her eyes met mine, she smiled suggestively

Looking back I wonder now, just who did she see

It wasn’t me, obviously

Blueberry muffins and tea

For cooks like me that’s easy as can be

I popped them in the oven and waited patiently

She said for sure that she’d be by by three

For her blueberry muffins and tea

Now I had heard about that guy she loved before

The one who broke her heart a hundred times or more

And how when he needed her she was always at his door

Guess if it hurts that’s love for sure

But the way I look at it her choice is really clear

She can listen to this troubled soul just crying in his beer

Or she can have muffins and tea with me, year after year after year

It’s half past nine, she still isn’t here

Blueberry muffins and tea

That’s all she said she wanted there to be

But as I wrapped them for the freezer, I could clearly see

She never wanted them to come from me

Not her blueberry muffins and tea

The heart’s a lonely hunter, at least that’s what they say

Beating through the barren brush day after day

And in turn you just get burned if you ever really catch your prey

Hey, you’d never catch me acting that way

She dropped by to apologize, it sounded kind of forced

But I said, anyhow let’s make up now for the time we lost

Just a half an hour and these muffins will defrost

But she had other plans of course

Blueberry muffins and tea

I mean we’re not talking salmon mousse and brie

Butter, flour, honey and eggs, and of course the blueberries

Guess you can’t teach old cooks new recipes

For making blueberry muffins and tea

Blueberry muffins and tea

For a sad-eyed, shipwrecked, love-lost refugee

But although her heart was hungry from being many years at sea

Her appetite could never sated be

By my blueberry muffins and tea.