»»And The Game Goes On

And The Game Goes On

A kind of classic Carolyn song, with me pining and blaming (both her and myself). At the time we were addicted to watching Shelby Lyman host the Fischer-Spassky match so the song channeled a bunch of chess idioms.



And The Game Goes On

I’m just a natural man
Ready to say or to do what I can
Ready to steady a trembling hand
With a soothing song
But like a shark on the reef
I must keep moving in order to breath
And it seems that lately all motion has ceased
And yet the game goes on

You can’t be right or wrong
You take no turns and the rule book is gone
Though you have lost you keep playing along
And the game goes on

I am in no great haste
I know that she is well worth the wait
You’d have to go some to shake up my faith
I do come on that strong
Yet every time I try
She says I’m not letting out what’s inside
Happier counting the tears that I cry
And so the game goes on

I’m pushing my last pawn
My queen’s been taken, my position is gone
Can’t help but wondering where I went wrong
That’s how the game goes on

I just was feeling so high
So much in love that I wanted to fly
But you can’t plant your feet when you’re up in the sky
Worried about coming down
So down is where I stay
Wondering what it means when she says
She can’t be happy when she’s happy that way
And so the game goes on

I guess I’ll soon be gone
Taking off on the wings of this song
Knowing that I’ll be lonely as long
As the game goes on.