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A Family Affair

A woman brings her fiancee home to meet her parents and secrets are revealed. Based on an old Irish folksong, it’s either a light drama or a dark comedy. But it plays extremely well and taught me something when I first produced it. The play has a pretty important reveal (which is the raison d’etre for writing the piece) and I tried to hide that it was coming in the dialogue but I noticed that some people in the audience figured it out before the play got there. It didn’t matter. They enjoyed the “moment” as much as those who were totally surprised.

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Coming Out Party

Two women try to convince their recently divorced friend, Sally, to come out of the room with the coats at a fancy party and flirt with an eligible bachelor. The play has a twist at the end which confuses some audience members and occasionally infuriates others (notably my friend Cherie Vogelstein). This show has had numerous local productions.

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Double Date

One of my most popular plays, one that’s had many productions and won a couple of festivals. A man meets a woman on a blind date but she’s brought with her an unusual companion. When I brought this show in to Aural Stage, the reading did not go well. Because this play derives so much of its humor from the physical, it is difficult to do a reading of it and get any sense of the impact. I lost faith in it. But when it was selected for inclusion in a local festival I asked my wife if she wanted to try to breath life into it. She did a terrific job with the show which played like gangbusters and got me several inquiries from folks wanting to produce it elsewhere.

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A woman stumbles into an ice cream store and flashes back to a similar store some 35 years before, when she encountered a mysterious and damaged Vietnam vet. Only she comes away from the flashback with new knowledge that changes her life. Two middle aged women, one 13 year old girl and a 40 year old man. Produced in a couple of venues by me and once in Sisters, Oregon.  Written for a remarkable young local actor, Maddy Sledge.missing