Long before I had ever written my first play, this was the story I wanted to write. I got the idea for it from an early 20th Century novella by P.D. Ouspensky, The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin. The novella isn’t very good and I couldn’t really use much in it except for the central concept which I think is wonderful. A man is given a chance to revisit and change the big mistakes in his life. I never feel this is finished (which is at once both ironic and fitting). At a certain point I decided to put some songs in it. Two are written and two are not. The play channels two women in my life, Susie Sherman and Sally Mecklem, but only in broad outlines. Never produced. I’ve never even had a reading of this play. In fact, I don’t think anyone has ever read it….not sure about that. I list this as a seven actor play assuming that the actor playing Stevie at age 20 will also play her at age 10.