A Song That Like Joanna Rhymes in Many Places

Joanna in the title is Joanna Krotz. She hosted a mixed-gender consciousness-raising group back in the 60’s. Not sure how much our consciousnesses got raised but there was some romantic linking up and it was here that I first met Carolyn Bell, who is the real subject of this song (Joanna makes a brief appearance in the third verse). The wonderful Joanna was not a love interest (although many years later we took a brief, unsuccessful stab at it). The song is full of the New Age imagery and thinking that I was immersed in at the time. And it’s I believe my longest song. This is one of many songs that my 12-string guitar wrote; I just filled in the blanks.



A Song That Like Joanna Rhymes in Many Places


The old Franciscan mission bells

Possess a lovely chime

To those in fields and those in cells

The music is sublime

They toll like thunder, ring through the trees

They clang for the clergy, yet cry for you and me

And so we tremble while passing near

They speak like gods, yet cannot hear

Too bad these simple notes

Cannot be our anecdotes

For they reflect us

But we choose words instead

Pesky thoughts that fill our heads

And don’t respect us

There is a simpler way to say it

Undaunted by our fears

We take some tune that’s haunted us for years

And play it

And when we’re gone

Be so good to bear in mind all that time

That the things that we were when we were

Still go on when we’re gone


You saw the wall and chose to go

To make it on your own

You cursed it all and rose to go

To take it on alone

You are the bricks, you are the wall

You are the mason building it so tall

So face to face, one last embrace

We’ll meet next in some other place

And all is well and good

And quite misunderstood

Before the altar

We stand here hand in hand here

The text minutely planned here

And yet we falter

There is a simpler way to do it

This obstacle we found

we won’t go over, under or around

But through it

And when you’re gone

Be so good to bear in mind all that time

That the things that you were when you were

Still go on when you’re gone



I scale this mountain feeling certain

Every ledge I climb

Will be the peak, finally reached

But every single time

What was the summit from below

Reveals that I have but just as far to go

I look back down where I’ve come from

What paltry hills this mountain’s become

Joanna is a stone

Where travel weary bones

May come to rest on

She rubs her calloused foot

She says she’s found no answers but

Knows the right questions

There is a simpler way to see it

Mold yourself with your hands

Into some form you cannot understand

And be it

And when I’m gone

Be so good to bear in mind all that time

That the things that I was when I was

Still go on when I’m gone.